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Business growth: internationalization and new markets

"Made in Italy" is a term that evokes the idea of Italian products for Consumer Market.

Less people is aware that Italy is also a major exporter of state-of-art Industrial Technologies.

Yes, it does exist an Industrial “Made in Italy” encompassing an impressive number of innovative technologies and goods. After all Italy is the second manufacturing economy in Europe. In last three years export has grown more than in neighboring Countries and there is a growing global demand for Made in Italy.

Machinery and advanced Manufacturing Technologies on the “industrial side”, Fashion and Food & Beverage on the “consumer side” are premium export categories long since.

More recently new dynamic sectors like Environmental Technologies and Chemical Technologies for Nutrition are paving their way.

In-depth working knowledge of some of the above markets and a consolidated network of international relations allows NewTech Invest to supporting our Italian and Foreign Partners in to finding successful business relationships and promoting mutual growth.






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