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NTI training is addressed to industrial enterprises and
the services sector. The involvement of teachers, professionals and managers recognized as experts in their reference sectors guarantees the highest quality standard our customer expect.
NTI's courses are aimed at acquiring and developing specific skills in certain areas of technology, and business and to discuss the various themes in an very operative manner, investigating technical, marketing & sales, economic aspects and regulatory requirements. NTI goal is to provide practical tools and give a tangible added value.
The program includes basic and advanced courses, workshops and specific training courses for Companies and Professionals.

The persons to whom the offer is addressed are entrepreneurs, investors, managers belonging to different business functions, professionals, technicians.

Companies concerned may request the cooperation of NTI also to organize training courses to be held at their premises, using the formula of "package courses”. This formula allows to manage independently all the logistic aspects , while teachers and teaching materials will be provided by NTI.

Some examples of courses more related to managerial issues are: Internationalization strategies, Definition of an operational plan for entering into new markets, Sales Management: Commercial Policies and Networks Sales, Strategy and Innovation, Innovation and Change, Start Up: from the Idea to the Enterprise, Technology Incubator: Environment for Enterprise Development /Crowdfunding: as financing Innovation.

NTI in connection with more technological arguments related to energy and engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency organizes training courses in collaboration with technical and Scientific Association RENEF. For information about upcoming courses in program:





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